Acropolis Steel Industries

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Acropolis Steel Industries facilities are located in Calgary's premier industrialarea, Foothills Industrial Park. The ASI facilities have been specifically designed for the efficient handling and fabrication of structural elements and modules.

The Acropolis Steel Industries facility is 100,000 sq. ft (9470m2) in total area. The facility has a total of 23 overhead cranes having a combined lifting capability of 360,000 pounds (160,000Kg.).

The unique configuration of the ASI facilities and equipment contributes to Acropolis Steel Industries stellar efficiency.

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Main Fabrication Wing Description:

Dimension - 260 feet (79.30m) by 60 feet (18.30m)
Main Door 24 feet (7.32m) by 29 feet (8.85m)
Secondary Door 20 feet (6.10m) by 20 feet (6.10m)
Maximum Size Product Fabricated to Date - 28.5 ft. (8.69m)

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North Fabrication Wing Description:

Fabrication of Small to Medium Structural Elements

Dimension - 260 feet (79.30m) by 50 feet (15.25m)
Main Door 24 feet (7.32m) by 20 feet (6.10m)
Secondary Door 20 feet (6.10m) by 20 feet (6.10m)
Maximum Size Product Fabricated to Date - 18 ft. (5.49m) wide, 14 ft. (4.27m) high, 130 ft. (39.65m) long

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North Yard Description:

Fully Enclosed Storage of Main Stock
Dimension - 200 feet (61.00m) by 90 feet (27.45m)
Main door 40 feet (12.20m) by 40 feet (12.20m)


Two 10 ton overhead cranes
35 feet (10.68m) under-hook height

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Paint Booth Facilities:

Dedicated paint booth c/w heated
make up air system and drive through capability
Maximum Size Product Fabricated to Date - 24 ft. (5.80m) wide, 18 ft. (5.49m) high, 90 ft. (27.45m) long

Dimension - 100 feet (30.50m) by 50 feet (15.25m)
Main Door - 22 feet (6.70m) by 27 feet (6.70m)
Secondary Door 20 feet (6.10m) by 20 feet (6.10m)

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West Yard Description:

Year Round Sandblasting Area
Fully Enclosed
Dimension - 337 feet (102.79m) by 80 feet (24.40m)
Wall on east side opens completely

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East Fabrication Wing Description:

Fabrication of Medium Structural Elements

Dimension - 240 ft.(73.15m) long by 50 feet (15.24m) wide
Main Door - 20 ft (6.10m) high by 20 ft.(6.10m) wide.
2 Secondary Doors - 20 feet (6.10m) by 20 feet (6.10m)

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ASI's Variety of Equipment

This variety enables ASI to fabricate and manufacture a multitude of products.

Major Equipment:

Multi-head TorchSand Blast Compressor
Graco 500021 Paint System
2-Gallion 15 Ton All Terrain Crane
Shear [14 ft. (4.27m) by 1 in. (2.54cm)]
Break [14 ft. (4.27m) by 1 in. (2.54cm)]
Sandblasting Equipment
Sandblasting Compressor

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Acropolis Steel's Safety Program

Worker training and certification is an essential component of ASI's Health and Safety Program. The program includes Company 7 regulatory requirements, Critical Task Training, Equipment Operations, Proper Use of Tools, Effective use of Manuals, Check Lists, and Records, Emergency Response Procedures, First Aid Skills, and Knowledge of Signs, Hand signals, Codes, Etc. All training certificates must be current, valid, and meet company, client, and legislative expectations which is one component of ASI's Safety Program

Health and Safety Policy

Backing up our Safety Training is a Health and Safety Policy which embraces industry safety standards and complies with legislative requirements. ASI promotes as its goal a workplace where employee and employer work together towards a healthy, injury free environment. Acropolis Steel is committed to conducting business in a manner which is designed to protect the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, and the environment.

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